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Protect the Children

Opened 27 November 2022

Cast your vote on whether or not children should be “vaccinated” against COVID-19.

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Protect the Children
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Fast Facts

  • COVID-19 vaccines” are still in trial and have not been trialled on children at all!
  • No healthy child has died as a result of “COVID-19”.
  • Many healthy children have died as a result of “COVID-19 vaccines”.
  • There is no long-term safety data related to chronic disease (such as cancer), innate immunity, or infertility available for any “COVID-19 vaccine”.
  • The Novavax/​Covovax “COVID-19 vaccine” is regarded as unsafe for children under 12 years of age by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The Novavax/​Covovax “COVID-19 vaccine” has not been trialled on children under the age of 11.
  • In the Pfizer study, 50% of “vaccinated” children had systemic adverse events. (Vaccine injuries). Myocarditis is a particular concern.
  • COVID-19 vaccines” are not safe. They’re dangerous.
  • COVID-19 vaccines” are not effective. They don’t work!

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Why no child should be vaccinated for “COVID-19”

The Novavax/​Covovax “COVID-19 vaccine” is regarded as unsafe for children under 12 years of age by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

There is no publicly-available trial data for Novavax/​Covovax and the MC Pharma “vaccines” that have been approved for children aged 3 – 12.

The vast majority of this young age group have already been exposed to SARS-CoV‑2 repeatedly, and have demonstrably effective immunity.

Children mount effective, robust, and sustained immune responses and clear the virus more easily than adults.

In the whole of 2020 and 2021, not a single child aged 1 – 9 died where COVID-19 was the sole diagnosis on the death certificate, according to ONS data.

A detailed study in England from 1 March 2020 to 1 March 2021 found only six children under 18 years died with no co-morbidities. There were no deaths aged 1 – 4.

Children are at statistically ZERO RISK from dying of COVID-19.

The virulence of virus variants has waned significantly – NO “VACCINES” ARE NECESSARY.

The efficacy of COVID-19 “vaccines” is negligible to the point of being questionable and wanes rapidly.

Pfizer never even tested their ‘COVID-19 vaccine” for transmission!

There are increasing concerns over long-term “COVID-19 vaccine” harms.

54,697 adverse event reports received for children (out of 1,394,703 reports) through August 26, 2022, for conditions such as encephalitis, Bell’s palsy, aneurysms, cerebral hemorrhage, myocarditis, thrombocytopenia, Guillain-Barré syndrome, appendicitis, heart disease, and death.

In the Pfizer study, 50% of “vaccinated” children had systemic adverse events.

PFizer is not due to report results on post-authorization conditions (5 – 11s) until 2027.

Myocarditis in adolescents and young adults, especially in males after the second dose, is high. The emerging evidence of persistent cardiac abnormalities in adolescents with post-mRNA vaccine myopericarditis suggests this is far from ‘mild and short-lived’.

Researchers from Thailand published a new preprint on 8 August that enrolled 13 – 18 year olds (202 boys, 99 girls) who received a second dose of Pfizer’s mRNA “COVID-19 vaccine” after getting the first dose without adverse events. 

This is exactly the kind of study the FDA claimed it wanted Pfizer to do.

Unfortunately, the results are not reassuring.

Three patients were admitted to the hospital who had chest pain and biomarker elevation. Four patients had no chest pain but elevated cardiac biomarkers. These were all in boys.

That means 7/202 boys (1 in 29) ages 13 to 18 had overt or subclinical myocarditis after the second mRNA does, even if they experienced no adverse events after the first mRNA dose.

The potential for longer term effects requires further study and calls for the precautionary principle to be applied.

Post “COVID-19 vaccination” myocarditis appears to be less common in 5 – 11-year-olds than older children, it is, nonetheless, increased over baseline.

Of equal concern are, as yet unknown, negative effects on the innate immune system. There is evidence of “COVID-19 vaccine” induced disruption of both innate and adaptive immune responses. The possibility of developing an impaired immune function would be disastrous for children, who have the most competent innate immunity, which by now has been effectively trained by the circulating virus.

In the 0 – 4s trial, less than 10 children participated. These figures are much too small to rule out any adverse impact such as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) and other impacts on the immune system.

The innate (cellular) immune system acts as the first line of defense against pathogens and exposure to pathogens is essential to its development.

When children are given an mRNA “vaccine” their innate immune systems do not learn how to respond. The “vaccine” antibodies bind to the virus’s spike protein and prevent the immune system from doing its job.

The immune system does not learn how to differentiate between a normal cell and a pathogen, leading autoimmune disorders.

Also unanswered is the question of Original Antigenic Sin. In a large Israeli study, those infected after “vaccination” had poorer cover than those “vaccinated” after infection. In the Moderna trial, N‑antibodies were seen in only 40% of those infected after vaccination, compared with 93% of those infected after placebo. 

Changes to the immune system could cause the proliferation of cancer cells.

COVID-19 vaccination” causes a significant change in type 1 interferon (INF type 1) signalling and plays a critical role in both controlling viral proliferation and inducing antibody production. INF 1 cells are essential in stopping the growth of virus and cancer cells.

Totally unknown is whether there will be any adverse effect on T‑cell function leading to an increase in cancers.

Also, in terms of reproductive function, limited animal bio-distribution studies showed lipid nanoparticles concentrate in ovaries and testes. Adult sperm donors have showed a reduction in sperm counts particularly of motile sperm, falling by three months post-vaccination and remaining depressed at four to five months.

Even for adults, concerns are rising that serious adverse events are in excess of hospitalizations from “COVID-19”.

Risk is higher than benefit. Due to all of the above, the claims with regard to balance of benefit and risk which supported the rollout of mRNA vaccines to the elderly and vulnerable in 2021 is totally inappropriate for small children in 2022.

Pfizer documentation presented to the FDA is problematic and protocol was irregular. Dosages were changed, decisions were made on groups with as few as 3 trial participants.

Safety data is insufficient. Of the 1,057 children participating in the trials, some were unblinded, and all were followed for just two months.

Many countries have prohibited or do not recommend the “COVID-19 vaccines” for children.

The UK is now no longer allowing children under the age of 11 to be “vaccinated” for “COVID-19”. The State of Florida does not recommend “COVID-19 vaccines” to 18 – 39-year-old males, nor for any children under 18. Sweden is no longer recommending “COVID-19 vaccines” for children aged under 18. Norway is not recommending “COVID-19 vaccines” for 5 – 11s, Holland is not recommending “vaccination” for children who have already had “COVID-19”. The director of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority recently stated that with what is now known, the decision to “vaccinate” children for “COVID-19” was a mistake and has prohibited “COVID-19 vaccines” for children under 18 years of age.

There is no proper Informed consent

There can be no proper informed consent without proper information. There is no long-term safety data for chronic disease eg cancer which can take up to 11 years as conditions like these don’t just pop up overnight.

There can be no proper informed consent when ingredients and method are unknown.

There is complete omission of information explaining to the public the different and novel technology used in “COVID-19 vaccines” compared to standard vaccines.

In fact, the failure to inform of the lack of any long-term safety data and the above is more like disinformation.

Are COVID-19 “vaccines” still in trial in South Africa?

With thanks to Dr Herman Edeling (MB, BCh (Wits): FCS (SA) (Neuro))

COVID-19 vaccines” are still in trial, but the authorities abuse their power by denying that this is the case.

The reasons why we know that they are still in trial are:

  1. According to EMA (The European Medicines Agency) on whom SAHPRA rely for evaluations and assessments, the Pfizer “vaccine” for COVID-19 is still officially in trial (see linked document below).
  2. According to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), “vaccine” trials take between 11 and 17 years after a candidate has been developed (see IFPMA slides below).
  3. Even under “Operation Warp Speed”, the trials for COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine” candidates were scheduled to run until 2023.
  4. No class 1 peer-reviewed papers have been published to prove the effectiveness or safety of the mRNA “vaccine” candidates.
  5. No trials for the Novavax/Covovax “COVID1-9 vaccine” have been conducted on children aged under 12. There is no publicly available trial data for any of the “vaccines” approved for the age cohort 3 – 12 years of age.

Even if you believe that these “vaccines” are not on trial, given the above, and in addition to the adverse findings of Pfizer’s own phase 3 data (see CCCA slides below), it can only be concluded that giving an unproven injection to children is nothing less than reckless endangerment, ie. at least medical negligence and, more probably, criminal assault.


Please also note the following:

The fact that COVID-19 “vaccines” are still in trial has stringent legal implications with regards to informed consent and record retention obligations. Learn more about informed consent.

A Sea of Data and Case Studies
  • 54,697 adverse event reports received for children (out of 1,394,703 reports) through August 26, 2022, for conditions such as encephalitis, Bell’s palsy, aneurysms, cerebral hemorrhage, myocarditis, thrombocytopenia, Guillain-Barré syndrome, appendicitis, heart disease, and death.
  • COVID Vaccine Reports in Children (Ages 6 mos.-17 years) (link)
  • Official GOV. Data confirms COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Children (link)
  • EU forced to begin Europe-wide Investigation into 700% to 1600% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA approved “COVID-19 Vaccine” for Kids (link)
  • Official Mortality Data for Europe proves Covid-19 Vaccination is causing Mass Depopulation with 2022 being a record-breaking year for Deaths among all age groups including Children (link)
  • Europe has suffered nearly 30k more Excess Deaths in 2022 than it did in 2020 at the height of the Pandemic because so many Children are dying (link)
  • Why have Deaths among Children across Europe increased by 755% since the EMA approved the COVID Vaccine for Kids? (link)
  • OFFICIAL CDC FIGURES – 58k Children injured, 15k hospitalised, 1.2k disabled & 163 dead due to COVID-19 Vaccination in the USA (link)
  • More Than Half of Babies, Toddlers Surveyed Had ‘Systemic Reaction’ After COVID-19 Vaccine (link)
  • Cases of Brain Damage in Children Skyrocket Following COVID-19 Vaccines (link)
  • Pfizer, FDA, CDC Hid Proven Harms to Male Sperm Quality, Testes Function, from mRNA Vaccine Ingredients (link)
  • COVID-19 Vaccines” UNSET and ERASE Natural Immunity The GREAT RESET of Human Immunity (link)
  • Children “Vaccinated” for “COVID-19” have a huge problem. NO protection against Reinfection! (link)
  • Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine among children 5 – 11 and 12 – 17 years in New York after the Emergence of the Omicron Variant (link)
  • Remember this key study early in 2020 on children not being primary spreader of COVID: “Children are unlikely to have been the primary source of household SARS-CoV‑2 infections” by Zhu & Short et al. (link)
  • Boys 9 times more likely to develop myocarditis? (link)

Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents (link)

This study focuses on cardiovascular effects, particularly myocarditis and pericarditis events, after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine injection in Thai adolescents. This prospective cohort study enrolled students from two schools aged 13 – 18 years who received the second dose of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. Data including demographics, symptoms, vital signs, ECG, echocardiography and cardiac enzymes were collected at baseline, Day 3, Day 7, and Day 14 (optional) using case record forms.We enrolled 314 participants; of these, 13 participants were lost to follow up, leaving 301 participants for analysis. The most common cardiovascular effects were tachycardia (7.64%), shortness of breath (6.64%), palpitation (4.32%), chest pain (4.32%), and hypertension (3.99%). Seven participants (2.33%) exhibited at least one elevated cardiac biomarker or positive lab assessments. Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis. Myopericarditis was confirmed…

Expert evidence regarding Comirnaty (Pfizer) COVID-19 mRNA “Vaccine” for children (link)

This expert statement was prepared by Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) and submitted in conjunction with a lawsuit that challenges the EU’s authorisation of the use of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine on children of 12 years and older.

This document has been put together as part of a lawsuit that challenges the EU’s authorisation of the use of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine on children of 12 years and older.

The arguments in the document apply similarly to the Moderna mRNA vaccine, and many also apply to the adenovector-based AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

D4CE give permission to freely share and distribute this document in unchanged form.

Heart Inflammation Cases Reported to the TGA after Covid 19 Vaccination (Period 22nd Feb 2021 to 26th May 2022) (link)

The TGA here in Australia has released a BETA database for injuries and deaths reported after “COVID-19 vaccination” (and other medicines). This makes it a little easier to search information on how damaging the “COVID-19 vaccines” really are.

Indicated are some horrifying stats on heart inflammation. Especially in the youth. Myocarditis and Pericarditis were terms 99% of us never heard of 3 years ago, now almost all of us know someone suffering with this condition. What’s changed in 2 years? (Hint, it’s not the virus).

CDC: 8,798 Children with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome; 71 Children have died since being injected with “COVID-19 Vaccines” (link)

The CDC reports nearly 8,798 children have been hospitalised by this serious and deadly disorder since the rollout of the “COVID-19 vaccines” to children

MIS‑C predominately affects: Heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs and can also cause serious neurological disorders.

New Study finds 1 in every 99 Children “Vaccinated” for “COVID-19” require Emergency Care or Hospitalisation (link)

A new study conducted by scientists from several respected institutions across Germany and Switzerland has discovered that one in every 99 COVID-19 vaccinated children aged five and under require emergency care or hospitalisation.

Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy in Teens Wanes 27 Days After Dose 2, Study Shows (link)

The 23 authors of an Aug. 8 study of adolescents in Brazil and Scotland found Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine efficacy waned “from 27 days after the second dose.” The researchers recommended more research be done on the need for booster doses.

New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently (link)

The vaccines are making it more likely you’ll be infected with Omicron 90 days after you are fully vaccinated. To keep vaccine effectiveness high against omicron, vaccination every 30 days is needed.

Statements of support from our Doctors

Dr Herman Edeling: “Children are at very low risk to COVID-19 for the simple reason that children have very good innate immunity”

Risk-Benefit Analysis
Risk-Benefit Analysis

Dr Nathi Mdladla: Force-injecting healthy children with experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” is unethical and immoral

Children have already suffered significantly and unnecessarily from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the alpha variant of COVID-19, they were neither susceptible nor were they spreaders of infection, yet they were made to suffer the most by being prevented to socially interact and to go to school. They have been unnecessarily masked and subjected to all COVID restrictions for a disease that carried minimal risk for their health but maximal harm for their development and mental health.

With the advent of COVID-19 experimental “vaccines”, the rush and push towards force-injecting kids has been unprecedented, while the obvious balance of risk to benefit has once more not been in favour of benefit for children. The short to mid-term risks of injecting children with the experimental COVID injections are well-documented to discourage any further push towards mandating these in this age group. The long term effects can be postulated, but are, as yet, unknown, with the seeding of some of these injections in multiple organs including the brain and ovaries, having a significant concern with future impacts on reproductive health and other complications.

Re-infections in this age group have even been lower before Omicron, according to a recent UK study, at 0.5% of those previously infected, with severe disease in the alpha and subsequent variant infections being significantly lower in healthy children. To mandate these experimental COVID-19 injections, with the evidence at hand, in healthy children means we will once more make children pay the price for an intervention that is of no benefit to them when they are of no proven risk to adults.

We’ve caused enough harm against children in this pandemic, it would be immoral to force-inject healthy children through mandates for something that is of no benefit of them but carries significant risk. It has been immoral and unethical to use children as human shields from the beginning of this pandemic, it will be criminal to further harm them through mandates.

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