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Power Belongs to the People: Vote NO, Eskom is Not for Sale!

Opened 2 March 2023

Selling Eskom to big business is not the answer.

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Power Belongs to the People: Vote NO, Eskom is Not for Sale!
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Have you noticed that power and access to energy is a problem all over the world?

Even countries like Germany, where the power supply is in the hands of the private sector and not in government control, the price that people pay for electricity was increased by 40% in 2022.

Germany’s “solution” is to give subsidies to the poor so that they can afford to pay for the power that they need in order to survive! 

The German public and many other nations are now literally without power, in a practical sense, as well as in a political sense. If those subsidies were withdrawn, the people would be unable to survive. The people are now dependant on their government, who could use this power (excuse the pun) against them. 

Power shortages and price hikes are also crushing the middle- and working-class, who can’t afford to live off-grid, buy lithium-ion batteries, or convert their businesses to solar power.

Unaffordable power and load shedding is wreaking havoc on the economy, and causing the loss of even more jobs in an economy that was already severely depressed – where there are unacceptable and tragic levels of unemployment.

Should Eskom be sold to a private sector operator?


Why not?

We agree that Eskom cannot continue to be run by the current government, but Eskom should definitely NOT be SOLD!

Eskom is a VERY VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT SOVEREIGN ASSET that belongs to we, the People!

Privatisation via a sale of Eskom would mean that it would become a business, just like any other.

In a business, maximising profits for the shareholders is the goal – not in the best interests of all South African citizens.

South African citizens could also be vulnerable to having our need for power used against us, and forced to do things we don’t want to do.

A recent example of something like this is when business enforced “vaccine mandates” on their employees, who were given the impossible and terrible choice of being “vaccinated” for “COVID-19”, or face losing their jobs.

Eskom is the POWER of the people. It belongs to us. POWER should always be under our control and not used to control us in any way!

Power is privatised in Germany and the UK. Has it worked? No!

Brits are being told to wear extra sweaters, and Germany has hiked their rates for electricity by 40%. The German ‘solution’ is to give subsidies to the poor so that they can afford to pay for power…? The poor are now without power in more ways than one!

A wise man learns from the mistakes of others! 

Please do not let this happen in SA.

What should happen to Eskom and its assets, then?

Eskom should be hired or leased (on strict terms and conditions) and not sold.

This way, it remains the property of South Africans and under our control.

We, the People, can use referendums to set strict rules, guidelines and conditions for how Eskom should be operated and, such that if the lessor fails to meet their targets or terms and conditions, or does not satisfy us in a significant way, the lease can be terminated by us via the same referendum system.

This means that any company that leases Eskom will be incentivized to make profits through efficient operations and forced to satisfy ALL South Africans as opposed to chasing profits for their shareholders, the privileged few.

Why should Eskom’s assets not be moved into an Asset Recovery Vehicle (ARV), hired, or loaned without our permission?

As we all know too well, we, the tax payers have bailed out Eskom over and over again…

Now, it is being proposed that assets be taken out of Eskom to resolve debt.

South Africans, this is just a shady form of privatization and a way of transferring the value out of it behind our backs!

We are the most important creditor!

Eskom and ALL its assets are sovereign property belonging to we, the people of SA, and we have not given our permission for this to happen!

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