About us

A little bit about who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re trying to achieve.

Hello, Fellow South Africans!

Did you know that, although a referendum ended apartheid and is a constitutional and essential democratic right, the current government is currently denying South Africans the right to hold them?

A majority vote in a referendum is a decision made by all eligible South Africans on a specific topic that government MUST obey!

It is not a petition, which counts as a “single outcome”, and it is not a comment submitted via a public participation programme, that government can (and does) choose to ignore.

A referendum is the answer to bad government, because it’s self governance and we, the people, get to decide what we want to do, not the public servants, who seem to have forgotten that they work for us – not the other way around!

Without the right for the public to call for a referendum, South Africa cannot be called a true democracy.

Most democratic countries use referendums, and Switzerland has been using them since the 16th century. They are a long-established political instrument. For example, Botswana and Ethiopia just recenty held referendums…

So, how can it be that we don’t have them too?

We, the people, should be able to use referendums to decide on any issue and even fire any government that is not acting in the best interests of the people of South Africa.

Is this perhaps why the “new South African government” has failed to allow them to take place?

What we’re trying to achieve

Faced with this situation, we have no choice but to offer South Africans an independent referendum platform, so that our voices can be heard.

Although not a government referendum, votes from our referendums can be used to put pressure on Members of Parliament and, therefore, government in general, and to provide provide powerful evidence in court, or be presented to international human rights organizations.

We even hope that we might, one day, be able to be use our referendums to demand government reinstatement of official referendums!

Our numbers are properly verified and we comply with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, so your personal information is both private and secure

Who’s behind this?

Referendums.co.za is a red list initiative. the red list is a volunteer civil rights organization that is based on people-power and promotes referendums, boycotts, notices of liability, awareness, and education. We work for free in our spare time, and have been in action for over two years. We hope that our actions and achievements prove our intentions and integrity. ❤️✨

We, therefore, call on you to please take the time to vote in our referendums and inform and educate your family, colleagues and friends. The power of the group lies in the power of responsible, active individuals. No matter how small, many grains of sand can cause a massive landslide!

Stand up for your rights and step into your sovereign power today!

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